Urjjaa Proactive Healthcare Solutions

Introduction to Urjjaa

Urjjaa is a unique, innovative and comprehensive proactive healthcare solution from IBSC India Wellness Limited, an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 (ISMS) certified company. IBSC India Wellness Limited is promoted by IBSC India group as part of one of its key strategic initiatives. Urjjaa means energy or breath. This energy or life force is what we would like to witness in the lives of individuals once they are a part of the Urjjaa proactive healthcare program.

Where are we as a society?

In today’s rapidly changing society, life is getting more and more challenging each day. More so, when it comes to the healthcare needs of the people. The lifestyle diseases are penetrating at an alarming pace coupled with the increase of the cost of medication and treatments. Apart from the ‘physical’ impact, the direct and indirect fiscal impacts arising out of such situations are also becoming a much bigger concern. This is apparently worse for the people of those countries where health insurance penetration is also very low.

What does this lead to?

This is undoubtedly leading to an over exploited global healthcare service market. While technological advancements on the one side contribute positively to the national developments, the flipside sometime becomes too harsh. The unstoppable fast-paced lifestyle of our society is adversely affecting the people’s physical and mental health contributing to overall decline in the socio-economic growth potential of the Nation. ‘Routine Health checkups’ takes a back seat quoting “No Time” as one of the main reasons, ‘Over The Counter’ medicines and Health Supplements have become a way of life for easy and quick results and to add to this, the increased demand on the curative and patient care services are also pushing the much needed and high impact ‘Preventive healthcare services’ into a low priority segment.

Another significant shift what we witness today is the increasing demand on the internet and other web based applications for availing various services by the people across the world. No doubt, one would otherwise have spent more time, effort, energy and costs to physically avail such services. This ‘convenience’ factor is contributing to a very high proportion of people moving towards ‘online services’ every day. Surveys and statistics indicate that within another decade, over 80% of all major services globally would be availed through online modes.

This paradigm shift of people's behavioural changes and mindset needs to be positively used for the benefit of our society. Good enough reasons for a 'Social Entrepreneur' to ignite a right concept and to transform the same into a most pragmatic Socio- Business model. This is the genesis of Urjjaa, The Research and Development on this direction was initiated by IBSC India in the year 2010, to finally come up with this highly innovative, most contemporary and comprehensive Preventive Healthcare Solution created with a focus to uplift the quality of living of every individual and to make the world healthy and disease free living place.

An average person takes 14,000 pills in a life time!

Making small lifestyle changes today can help you lead a disease free life.

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