Urjjaa Proactive Plans and Offers

Basic blood tests
Diabetes Screening (HBa1C & ABG)
Lipid (Cholesterol) Profile (8 Parameters)
Renal (Kidney) Profile (6 Parameters)
Liver Profile (11 Parameters)
Thyroid Profile (3 Parameters)
Iron Deficiency (3 Parameters)
Complete Hemogram (28 Parameters)
Vitamin tests
Folic acid (for Female)
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D-Total
Cardiac risk Markers
Lipo protein A1
C-reactive Protein (hS-CRP)
Apolipoprotein B
Apo B / Apo A1 ratio
Lipoprotein (LPA)
Advanced Hormone Tests
Prostrate sensitivity (PSA) (male)
Oestrogen (Male and Female)
Progesterone (Female)
Ferritin (Female)
Testoterone total (male)
Other Advanced Blood Tests
Pancreas profile
Electrolyte Profile
Complimentary Tests
Toxicity Tests
Repeat Prognosis
Basic Blood Test Repeat after 6 months
Urjjaa Exclusive Prognosis Services
Door step blood collection
Lifestyle based risk evaluation
Secured Digital repository
Allopath Prognosis report
Diet & Nutrition Advise
Health Secretary Service
Core Health Risk Projection
Organ-Wise Risk Report
Disease-Wise Risk Report
Urjjaa MRP
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Busybee Executive
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