Urjjaa Proactive Healthcare Solutions

Here is a quick overview of Urjjaa Online Health Prognosis Portal, a propreitory concept promoted by IBSC India Wellness Limited.

Choose your plan and register

Getting started with Urjjaa is pretty simple. Choose from our various plans, fill in a few basic information and proceed to online payment.

Blood sample collection at your location

Upon completion of registration, our diagnostic team will get in touch with you over phone and collect your blood sample from a location of your choice. Ensure that your blood sample is collected when you are on an empty stomach.

Your personalised health secretary takes over...

Answer our simple yet comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire

Apart from blood sample we also capture your complete lifestyle before we begin our analysis. For this, we need you to fill up our well researched and scientific lifestyle questionnaire online. Don't worry, if you don't have internet access our health secretary will help you to complete the questionnaire over phone.

Core health risk projection

We thoroughly analyse your blood test report and your lifestyle questionnaire to give you an overall understanding about your current health status and projected core health risks.

Prognosis evaluation by modern medicine doctor

Online prognosis or 'predictive diagnosis' is an innovative and propreitory concept developed at Urjjaa to help you identify your potential health risks. Our panel of expert modern medicine doctors will send you a detailed health evaluation report lbased on your lifestyle questionnaire, blood report and previous medical condiitons if any.

Review & recommendations by nutritionist

You are what you eat, so goes a saying and we consider it pretty seriously. Almost all lifestyle diseases can be avoided by closely watching your diet. Our nutrition experts will give you tips that will assist you to lead a disease free life. Read our client testimonial to see how a 40+ year old lady lost 11 kg in 7 months by just following our nutrition expert's advice.

Health Secretary to explain your evaluation reports

What's more? Our health secretary will guide you through your prognosis evaluation and you can clarify any queries that you have, over phone or email!

Repeat tests regularly to track your progress

We consistently monitor your various health parameters at regular intervals to ensure you are on the right track to a healthy and disease free life!
* This option is not available on the starter plan.

Sustained follow up to ensure you stay in your best health

No preventive healthcare will be effective unless followed by a persuasive and sustained follow up. Our health secretaries will do just that, to ensure you get optimal results!

Pretty awesome, isn't it?

So... what are you waiting for? Take charge of your health now!

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