Known Us (FAQ)

How Urjjaa works?

Urjjaa Process flow

  1. Once you register, our technician comes to your doorsteps to blood  collection.
  2. With in 2 to 3 days a very elaborate up to 80 Parameters (based on the plan you have opted for) of your blood gets analysed and the result gets published for you online.
  3. Mean time, you can log in an spend just about 15 minutes to record your lifestyle aspects.
  4. Depending on the package you have selected, you will be directed to a nearest lab partner for an X-Ray, ECG and USG.
  5. The blood report, X-ray, ECG and lifestyle aspects gets routed to our expert medical panel for a prognosis analysis.
  6. With in 10 days, the medical team publishes a detailed prognosis report covering your
  1. Doctor's report on current health status
  2. Core health risk chart
  3. Detailed health risks on your heart, liver, kidney
  4. Detailed health risks on your diseases conditions Diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension
  5. A personalised advise on lifestyle modification
  6. A Diet advise
  7. All of the above followed up by your designated health secretary

What does my lab report cover?

Depending on the package that you have selected:

  1. Your routine blood tests comprising Diabetes, liver, kidney, hemogram and Iron profiles
  2. Advanced cardiac risk markers
  3. Advanced hormone tests
  4. Toxicity tests
  5. X-Ray
  6. ECG
  7. Urine routine

What differentiate Urjjaa Service?

Unlike any other diagnostic service where one time yearly executive health check up is done based on just lab parameters, Urjjaa bring to you the advantage of prognosis approach which combines in-depth combined analysis of your lab parameters along with your lifestyle data. Urjjaa service is differentiated by its service support through a dedicated health secretary (qualified nurse) available for follow ups and clarifications.

Why should I do this tests?

We spend a good part of our earnings to redeem comfort in our life. This, by far has resulted in major lifestyle deviations which has started taking over the core of our wellbeing – Our health! It is imperative that we need to maintain a good health to be able to continue enjoying the benefits of our assets. 

  • Imagine you buying a car, but unable to drive it due to cervical problems? 
  • Imagine you buying the latest gaming condole or television, but unable to experience it due to that frequent recurring head ache? 
  • Imagine you getting your much awaited promotion and suddenly started experiencing that irritating back pain forcing you to take a sabbatical from work?

These are the new set of problems the latest generation is facing now a days. Urjjaa brings in a value for money and technology driven quality service to help you maintain a good health. Long living is not just enough. Living with quality is important! Urjjaa strives to achieve this for our customers.

How much the service cost?

  1. Such a structured and sustainable service would cost any where between Rs 5,000 to Rs Rs 15,000 or even more, depending on the city you are based.
  2. Urjjaa offers this service to you at an exclusive rate as low as Rs 4 per day.
  3. To view the various plans and OFFERs, please click here .
  4. Remember, this is a life long service and higher package carries lab packages with advanced cardiac risk markers, advanced hormone tests and toxicity. 

How do I avail this service?

  1. Go to the Pricing page and pick a plan
  2. With the registration, your free Urjjaa account gets created instantly. 
  3. Post that, make your payment and the link will lead you to your lifestyle questionnaire.
  4. Fill up the questionnaire and relax!
  5. Your blood will be collected either from home or office depending on your convenience (the blood smiling to be done on fasting)
  6. Once your reports are ready, you will get a call from your health secretary to explain the test reports and your lifestyle deviations.
  7. The discussion points will be noted with appropriate follow-up schedule.