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Urjjaa Life time Validity - Definition

At Urjjaa, we are committed to be your partner for life in achieving your health goals. That's why almost all our plans are designed on a 'Life Time Validity" basis. However, as per the 'common understanding and the guidelines on the definition of "Life Time" in the in Indian context, Life Time is considered as 14 years. Hence our basic assurance on all the plans where the services mentioned as Life Time validity" can be taken as a minimum continuous period of 14 years.

The definition of Life Time Validity is limited only to the following services:

  1. Access to your personal Online Health Portal - View & update your personal health data
  2. Access to the Digital Health Repository - All the uploaded personal medical/health records
  3. Access to the basic services of "Health Secretary" relating to your health & medical aspects
  4. Access to all prognosis evaluations/consultation/diagnosis reports published in your personal portal
  5. Access to your Diagnostic reports and Lifestyle reports published in your portal

Life Time Validity does not include additional lab test or doctor's review other than what is given in the plan.