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7 out of 10 people die globally due to Lifestyle Diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiovascular problems and Cancer.

A simple proactive step can help prevent its occurance.

With Urjjaa Prognosis, get advised on your health risks and say NO to Lifestyle Diseases!

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to own a lifetime valid 'Personal Health Account' and complete your lifestyle assessment tour in just few minutes!



lab test done at your doorstep and get your detailed health risk assesment report from our medical experts.



our 360 degree sustainable preventive healthcare program with the lifetime service of a 'Personal Health Secretary'.

When it comes to health with convenience, Urjjaa is the name. The entire package is great, but I was surprised that all this could be done online. My prognosis report gave me ideas and suggestions that I could track from my home. Thanks to the health secretary, I’ve made permanent lifestyle changes for the good.

Sneha, Cochin

For a long time I knew that I have to take control of my health, but was lazy to even think about all the things I would have to change. Urjjaa simplified my health status as numbers, so I knew where to improve. The real time feedback system was key, be it from the health secretary or review blood tests. I can confidently say, Urjjaa will help me protect myself from any lifestyle disease.

Somna, Bangalore

Initially I was doubtful about Urjjaa but soon saw it was an incredibly well designed experience. I loved the fact that I was given individual attention and support by the team. Within weeks I was more aware about my body and health, than ever before.

Mahendra, Bangalore

It has just been a few weeks since I have taken Urjjaa and I'm already impressed. The lifestyle questionnaire though lengthy, was a real opener into my own daily life. I was quite surprised to know that small changes can go a long way when it comes to health.

Abhijith, Cochin

Health Secretary concept was the most exciting feature for me. In my busy schedule, I always find it difficult to take care of my health. Now I feel comfortable that there is someone behind me to keep a proper track of my lifestyle and to help me achieve better health.

Renu, New Delhi

It was a wonderful experience dealing with Urjjaa. I came to know about my elevated cholesterol level and started taking action against it before it reached a critical stage. I am really thankful to Urjjaa for helping me!

Mrs. Solanki, Ahmedabad

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