Maida is not an edible food raw material! Why?

Maida is the last byproduct of wheat. It is what is left after extracting whole wheat powder and Rawa powder. It naturally comes in deep yellow color. What we use to make bread, bakery items and cakes is a bleached version of that relatively edible residue.  Benzoil peroxide which is used as a toilet cleaning agent is mixed with the yellow byproduct to make it appear white! This chemical has severe impact on your intestine.  Thereafter, a chemical called Alloxan is mixed to make it soft. These chemicals directly affect your pancreas and you will invite Diabetes and colon cancer.


So,  today onwards, avoid daily/regular consumption of Bread, Cookies, Biscuits, ­čŹ░Cakes, Maida based Parathas, Pizza, Muffins, deep fried maida coated desi items, Chinese Manchurian items. Remember you might restrict regular consumption of each item, but a mixed occasional consumption of these items creates same impact as that of a regular consumption. For example once a week Chinese food outside + once a week breakfast bread + daily tea time biscuits + once a week bakery item consumption if put together generates same risk of a regular consumption. Strict NO to these items for your kids.