If you are on your computers or your smart phone for most of your time

1) Two important aspect of your body is prone to damage - you’re EYES and your NECK. This by no means is an understatement.

2) More you are on computer or phone stiffer your shoulder become day by day. One not so fine day, your shoulder will give up and open up a whole lot of issues including spondylosis, back muscle weakness, inflammations and erratic pain around neck. You will be forced to stay away from heavy work and load bearing leaving you dependent and not fit for many day to day work.

3) Similarly your eyes needs frequent change of focus and hence both far sight and near sight are important for its natural exercise.

4) To take care of these:

A) Take a break every 30 min from your desk and walk around for 5 minutes.

B) Go near the window and gaze at something far away so that your eyes get some exercise and re-focusing.

C) Rotate your eye balls to massage the eyes and for lubrication.

C) While doing so, gently rotate your both shoulders clockwise and anti-clockwise to relax the muscles.

Do it every day at regular intervals and you will be saved from back problems and neck related risks to a very great extent. Every strong step in your life needs a STRONG backbone. Follow Urjjaa and you will preserve it.