This could mean you’re Not Getting Enough Vitamin D!!

You’re tired all the time: you may feel completely exhausted, even if you get plenty of sleep.

You’re depressed: Depression may be linked to an insufficient amount of vitamin D.

Your forehead is often sweaty: If you look like you’re sweating even when your body temperature and activity levels are normal.

Your bones hurt: Adults who don’t get enough vitamin D often have aches and pains in their muscles and bones, especially in the winter.

You're prone to stress fractures: Vitamin D specifically D3, which increases calcium absorption, is critical to preventing bones from becoming thin and brittle.

You can’t get a good night’s sleep people who took more vitamin D had a 16 percent lower risk of having trouble getting a full night’s sleep.

You catch everything going around: adults who have low levels of vitamin D are more likely to report having had a recent cold, cough or upper respiratory infections.

Here are a few sneaky signs that you might not be getting enough vitamin D. If you feel that you’re suffering from any of these symptoms, talk to us.