Things you're probably lying to your doctor about!

1. You are having workplace, financial or relationship problems

You might think that your bank balance, marital problems and job difficulties are none of your doctor’s business, but these worries can trigger stress, a major cause of insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues.

2. You take recreational drugs or prescription meds you don't need your physician ✍needs to know about your drug use or prescription, in order to properly assess your health status during a regular checkup. Even if you feel fine and you are not experiencing any worrisome symptoms caused by taking these drugs, you should still be honest with your doctor and disclose your use of them.

3. You are having bathroom problems

Some people go a couple of times a day, others go only every few days. Tell your doctor what is normal for you and mention any changes. Abnormal bowel movements could signal Crohn's disease, Colitis, or cancer of the colon, pancreas or liver.

4. How much Alcohol you drink

Your Alcohol intake could be affecting your health. It's important for us to know about your drinking habits so that we can counsel appropriately. If you’re drinking is excessive, it can have serious consequences like cirrhosis of the liver, weight gain, early onset of dementia and high blood pressure. If you smoke cigarettes even occasionally, your doctor needs to know this, too.

A relaxed patient-doctor relationship, teamed with honest communication, truly is the best medicine.