The myths about Women and Heart disease you should stop believing!

Myth: Heart attack symptoms are the same for men and women

Truth: The classic symptoms (pain in the arm, jaw, throat or chest) are common but non pain symptoms (fatigue, shortness of breath) are more likely to occur in women compared to men.

Myth: Heart disease doesn't affect women until after menopause

Truth: When a natural reduction in estrogen and progesterone make the body more susceptible to cholesterol, higher body fact and blood pressure problems, young women can also experience the condition.

Myth: If you have a family history of heart disease, you can't avoid developing the condition

Truth: If you follow the risk factor guidelines for heart disease, you could reduce your risk of dying from a heart attack by 82%.

Myth: You can't exercise if you have heart disease

Truth: Women with heart disease are actually encouraged to be physically active as exercise can prevent progression of the disease. But Exercise should only be done after an assessment by your doctor.

Myth: Menopause can prevent heart disease

Truth: Menopause doesn't prevent heart disease, if you are menopausal and wish to lower your heart disease risk factors, there are steps you can take - maintain a normal weight, and get moderate exercise, and enjoy a well-rounded healthy diet.

Believing these heart disease myths may prevent you from taking the best care of your ticker