How to detoxify your kidneys

We are exposed to toxins through the air we breathe the food we eat, the water we drink.

Organic carrot-Carrot juice Carrot is especially useful for the kidneys. Carrots are rich with vitamin A and which helps for proper kidney function.

Organic cucumber-cucumber is a diuretic that can aid flush uric acid out of the body and destroy kidney stones. Help to wash the kidneys and bladder.

Organic celery-Celery juice fortifies kidneys and serves to kill poisons. Celery Promotes healthy and normal kidney function.

Beet or beetroot juice- The blood-red beet is a wonderful cleanser of the blood, helping to pre-filter the blood before it reaches the kidneys reduces stress on the kidneys).

Bell pepper provide roughage from the fibre, vitamin B6, vitamin A and folic acid, which helps to cleanse the kidneys.

Watermelon - Watermelon juice is incredible for flushing the kidneys and watermelon seeds are said to be particularly useful for kidney stones.

Lemon - Lemon juice from is a brilliant cleanser, Lemon will likewise help delay oxidization of alternate juice.

Ginger – ginger contains antioxidant compounds beneficial for kidney function, and it purifies the blood and kidney of all toxins.

Turmeric – It has anti-inflammatory properties, prevent and treat kidney inflammation and kidney infections.

The kidneys are major organs in your body and are responsible for clearing waste from your body. So cleanse your kidneys